Coco’s Liberty is the contemporary luxury jewellery line by Coco’s Revenge.
Coco’s Revenge is a London based fashion brand founded in 2014
by designers Elina Bergert and Natasha Khushi.

Elina’s interest in jewellery began at a young age
noticing that she could never find the jewellery she was looking for.
When Elina moved to London, to study jewellery design,
she met Natasha, an inspiring fashion designer.
They soon began dreaming about launching their own fashion brand
creating timeless yet contemporary style. The dynamic duo work together to create designs
which have an eclectic take on classic style.

They created their character “Coco” to follow their own dreams.
Coco is a “supergirl”, she is a passionate, creative woman who chases her dreams.
Through hard work and resilience she accomplishes her goals.